This  90 days government was marked with great strugles, some of which  were; 
As the 82nd Guild Council elects, we resolved that we would retake the course unit of the struggle against the DRACONIAN 60% FEES POLICY and this time we would excell in this course unit.Many thought this fete impossible to achieve but by the end of our struggle we had managed to have this policy that inconvenienced the students body for almost 5years vacated or better still scrapped for good.When that struggle ended we ensured that the process towards the formulation of a new one put our suggestions into consideration and indeed to a greater extent the current policy is almost informed by the students input. When the nonteaching staff of all public universities paralysed university activities we put up a courageous fight that led to the unprecedented minister of Education directive to University Council to open the university with immediate effect after the bloody Monday famously came to be known as THE FOOD MONDAY.  
As the 82nd Guild Council we launched THE MAK GUILD FORUMS which we did on 5th January 2017.We hope that these forums will and can be platforms through which some of the solutions to MAKs challenges can be found.With all these personal and team based contibutions made to the institution of the students Guild,Makerere University and the nation at large ofcourse amidst a number of challenges.
More was done and still more is to be done... We have set the pace for the 83rd guild.


Tour the vultures of 
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Her name is Rebecca Aftimbabazi, She is the current Face of Muk 2016-2017!
Her biggest role is to see #AbreastCancer free generation, The awareness campaign is underway, where she will be leading a team of experts, fellow .......


The 82nd student guild had a dinner organised by the ministry of social affairs which was headed by Minister Papa Were Salim.The day was so colourful with members of the guild representative council sharing their journey as they were accompanied by.........


The annual inter-Hall crosscountry, 
the annual sports man's  dinner,
innaguration of the chairman
Games Union and Minister of Games
and sports all documented here......